Flood threatens Bowleys Quarters wedding day

As the waters of The Bay began rising over the piers and creeping between the homes in Bowleys Quarters, there was no sense of urgency at the volunteer fire department.
"No real worries with this one -- just a strong high tide and we're used to that," said firefighter Karl Kidd.
Bowleys Quarters Volunteer Fire Department President Max King added, "we had a south, southwest wind blowing a little bit of tide out and it topped out this morning, but really not a super big issue."
That's easy for them to say.
Just 24 hours before a hundred guests will show up at Bob Sabiston's place, he's trying to figure out how to get the dance floor in his backyard to stop floating away.
"My wife's daughter is getting married tomorrow," Sabiston said. "She wanted to do the sunset, you know, out on the pier, you know.  We just happened to walk into Mother Nature here."
Inside the 2,000 square food tent in Sabiston's backyard, tables and chairs are drenched and half of the base is still under a few inches of water. 
At a time when the family had hoped to be stringing lights, decorating tables and placing chairs inside the tent, the waves had already undermined many of the supports holding up the structure.
"They're still going to have it," Sabiston said. "The girls are all getting their nails done, you know.  They're trying to not even think about this I guess until they get home here."
Then there's the matter of providing parking for the guests in a yard more suitable for ducks.
"We never knew that this was such a low area here you know," Sabiston said.
"Well, they have burials at sea.  Maybe they have marriages at sea," this ABC2 News reporter offered.
"Yeah," he said with a deep laugh.
Sabiston said he's already called the tent company to come out and re-set the poles, and the family is bringing in big fans to try to dry out the lawn and dance floor for better or worse.
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