Heavy hearts in Baltimore debate gun control

PERRY HALL, Md. - The words "Stop Gun Violence" were on Joppa Rd. Sunday night, right across from Perry Hall High, the scene of another school shooting.

The group "Life Brigade Maryland" is behind this, following the massacre in Newtown, CT, where 20 six and seven year olds died along with six adults. 

"It's talked about that it happened.  We don't talk about solutions," said Mark Patro,

Life Brigade Maryland. 

Just a few people tried to gain attention and get the conversation going.  What's next when school shootings have become too common?

"My young son Rainer is four years old and yesterday he told me he wants to grow up and he wants to be a teacher, and the thought struck fear in my heart after what just happened," said Tricia Rogalski, a local mother.

A teacher, not a police officer, now strikes fear for this mother.

Ministers brought the details to church today where children are held tighter. The youth pastor at Rising Sun First Baptist Church is helping kids process the news.

"Now is a great time for fear for them and I think the only thing that can combat fear in children of such young ages is letting them know that they have loved ones who are willing to look over them and protect them and keep them in a safe environment as possible," said Nneka Obinga. 

Jeff Brotman is a teacher and a father.

"In terms of protecting them, I don't know if there's any way to do that apart from just realizing when you send your kids off to school every day you just have to cherish and love the kids at that moment," said Brotman.    

It's that moment twenty parents wish they could get back.  The pain has traveled to Baltimore, but they want the conversation to spark more attention, light more candles, and keep the flame going in the days and weeks following the second worst school shooting in U.S. history.

"We need to talk about do people in this country really need high-powered automatic weapons?  If that was a handgun with six bullets in it, 27 people wouldn't have died on Friday," said Prato.     

The group Life Brigage has about 800 followers on Facebook but only a handful showed up Sunday night.  The organizer hopes more people get engaged in the conversation of gun control.

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