Heavy downpours cause basements to flood in Dundalk

Trappe Rd in Dundalk and the homeowners feel just that, trapped by the storms and the damage left behind.

"It was a downpour so bad it's unreal, like a monsoon. And I just kept praying that it would stop," said Andrew Hippler.

It didn't stop until about six feet of water filled several basements. Hippler says the problem is in the backyard, a creek that overflowed when the rain was relentless.

"As you can see on the fence line, it's probably at least three or four foot high," said Hippler.

Hippler thinks the Harley and power tools in his shed are ruined, not to mention the furnace that's buried under water. He's uncertain if his homeowner's insurance will cover the damage.

Firefighters are busy, going to several homes and pumping out the basements.
It's an emergency effort since the gas lines and electrical panels are under water.

The storm even caused the power lines to fall. Tiffany Riddle had to get her whole family out.

"Me and the kids were in the house watching TV, and the power went out, and as soon as we opened the door the water was right at the front door," said Riddle.

The homeowners say this is nothing new. When it rains hard, the creek overflows.

But it's as bad as Jarrett McDonald has ever seen it, and tonight he and his neighbors are wondering what can be saved.

"We really have plans now to sell and get out of here because every storm we get flooded," said McDonald.

BGE has been dealing with the power outages all weekend since the storms came in on Friday. At 10:30 on Sunday night, over 36,000 customers are still in the dark, most of them are in Baltimore City.



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