GBMC welcomes two babies on12/12/12

TOWSON, Md - All babies are magic.

The magic of potential.

Little Silvia could one day lead a great corporation, or an army.

She might cure a disease, or be an attorney like both her parents.

Or all of the above.

Prosperity is almost guaranteed for this little one, you see the number 12 means prosperity and good things.

And Silvia first 12 hours on earth have been full of 12's.

 She was born on 12, 12, 2012 in the in the twelfth hour of the new day.

 "We're pretty excited when we first found out that I was pregnant I remember joking about that maybe she'll be born on 12-12 but we were like no first babies are always late so that we were just joking about it but the here she is." New mom Christine Meneses says.

And just down the hall way you can hear the cries of a warrior.

Or a doctor, or since he was born at just under nine pounds big Pierce might be calling the snap count for any team but the Steelers and proudly wear his lucky number, 12.      

The first boy born at GBMC on 12, 12 2012 came in to this world at around five thirty.

It's like he waited for the magic.

"His due date was 12 10 and I actually was convinced that he was going to be a few weeks early but he was not so the doctor knew I was ready and she thought today would be a good day so happy it did happen today." Pierce's mom Ashley Miles says.

Good things come in twelves."

There are 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac, 12 days of Christmas, 12 drummers drumming and who doesn't like 12 donuts.

But these two bring the promise of changing the world.

For little Silvia's parents she'll be their first child born in a state with a new attitude.

 "Especially this year with marriage equality passing here in Maryland that's such an exciting time for use with our relationship was recognized we were married in DC and come January 1st its' recognized here and then 12 12 12 12 we couldn't be more happy and more blessed by the whole experience." Meneses says.

And for big Pierce's parents, he'll be loved an cherish and the latest cousin to join a big loving family.

 "Everything is so  surreal right now we're just on cloud nine so I mean the most important thing was bringing in a very healthy baby so check one so now all the excitement of letting our friends know and sharing his birthday 12 12 12 we'll never forget it." Miles says.

This triple digit date is likely the last we will ever see in our lifetimes.

The next time it will happen is January 1, 2101.

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