Nine people injured after building collapsed at old Bethlehem Steel plant in Dundalk

A 911 call for help brought a virtual fleet of ambulance, fire trucks and other rescue equipment, along with Tiffany Opert and her mother, Terri.
"Building collapse... Sparrows Point in old Bethlehem building... multiple people trapped or injured.  So we came on down," said Tiffany Opert, who heard the call with a police scanner application on her cell phone.
"My husband works here and we were just concerned," said Terri Opert whose husband works at the plant.
Firefighters say when they arrived on the scene they discovered a hundred foot section of the roof had caved in and workers had already helped the injured get out of the building.
"When we arrived, what we thought was five patients, I just found out now was a total of nine---three of those being critical went by air to Shock Trauma.  The fourth one being not so critical went to Shock Trauma, but by ground," said Lt. Paul Massarelli of the Baltimore County Police Department.
At this point, it appears the victims were working on heavy machinery like cherry pickers and bulldozers at the time of the collapse, and that same equipment may have kept the weight of the roof from falling on top of them, but no one knows why the structure gave way.
"That will be up to the police department and OSHA and MOSHA (which) will do the investigations to find out why the building collapsed,” said Massarelli, “It looks like the roof collapsed.  I don't know what they were doing inside to the point to have that happen, but luckily there was enough equipment there and other substructures to keep the... it didn't collapse all the way down and pin anybody."
While four victims went to the Shock Trauma Center, we're told none of the victims suffered life-threatening injuries.
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