Fireworks safety may save your life

Fireworks safety tips

TOWSON, Md. - The fourth of July is the birthday of the United States of America. It's a day of picnics, parades and fireworks.

Families across the state will partake in some form of patriotic festivities next week. A dazzling fireworks show will be the main attraction. Some of you might stop by a roadside stand for those fireworks.

Manager of Tri-State Fireworks, Bobbi Jean says when you buy fireworks and go to set them off to be careful. "Make sure that you are with a parent. Make sure it is on the ground and once you light it step away."

The State Fire Marshal's Office is again stressing the importance of safety this year.

"When you completely use them and exhaust them douse them heavily with water to make sure they are completely out," says Deputy State Fire Marshal Bruce Bouce.

If not you can start a fire. State Officials say the best way to enjoy fireworks and stay safe is to go to the public displays.

"And you don't have a mess to clean up," added Bouce.

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