Field of Honor pays tribute to veterans

On a special weekend to show appreciation for those who have sacrificed so much, a huge exhibit of American flags is on display in Catonsville starting Memorial Day weekend to honor veterans.
"I don't think we have room anywhere for anymore flags than this. This was a daunting task to get them all up." Charlestown Retirement Community resident, Roberta Poulton, said.
Poulton helped organize and tag each flag.
Corporations and families had a chance to dedicate each flag specifically in honor of a loved one or just in appreciation of all service members. 
The Charlestown Field of Honor benefits Operation Second Chance, a Maryland-based charity that helps care for wounded warriors and their families.
"It's an incredible sight to see. You hear about it but not until you actually get here and get to take a look at it can you really take it all in and say wow, it took a great effort from a lot of people," David Schuch, a Navy veteran and the transportation supervisor at Charlestown, said.  
One thousand full size American flags stand tall to make up the field of honor on the community grounds in Catonsville. 
"When I look at the flag and particularly when I see the color red, I think of all the blood that's been spilled to make this country what it is today and that freedom comes at a high price," Schuch added. 
For Schuch, who served in the Navy for five years, Memorial Day is all about reflecting. 
"It just shows how important it is to serve and to honor those that served but with memorial day, it's a little more special because we're actually honoring those that gave everything they have for their country and everything they had was their lives and it takes a special breed of person to be willing to do that," Schuch said. 
This Field of Honor will be open to the public all week long with a fireworks event planned after the closing ceremonies on May 31, at 8 p.m.
The closing ceremonies will give special recognition of veterans who lost their lives on D-Day 70 years ago next month and will honor eight D-Day veterans.


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