Fans in Mays Chapel honor Art Donovan during Ravens game

Exhibition game or not, fans were excited to see the new-look Ravens suit up against another team for the first time since the Super Bowl, but those who stopped off at Kooper's North in Mays Chapel also got to mix in some admiration for a beloved Colt.
In honor of hall of famer Art Donovan, they sold his favorite beer, some Schlitz tall boys, for $1.70 a piece in honor of the number seventy jersey that he wore.
They also had a replica of one of his jerseys on hand to auction off for a good cause.
"We also have the Art Donovan football jersey... it's signed with a bid starting at $500," said Manager Terry Beck, "Anything above that is going towards PJG, one of our sales reps, has a sick son that needs a heart transplant.  So any money raised towards that go towards the charity."
Midway through the game, the staff had purchased more of the 16-ounce Schlitz cans than the customers, and one man who braved one for our camera said it tasted like paint thinner, but he was happy to down one in Artie's memory.
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