Family reacts to Greg 'Birdman' Hudnet's not guilty verdict, Balt. Child Abuse Center unconvinced

A not guilty verdict keeps Greg Hudnet out of jail, but the jury of Ravens fans and charitable organization  that Hudnet worked with could render their own verdict for Baltimore’s “Birdman.”

Hudnet was found not guilty of sexually abusing a minor this week.

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Hudnet's wife and sons stood by him for the past year, even allowing his grandchildren to come around him following charges that he sexually abused a family member.

"He does kids charity stuff, I said this was so far out of his character everyone was shocked," Frank Hudnet, Hudnet’s son, said.

A day after a Baltimore County jury found their father not guilty on all counts, Hudnet's sons Frank and Robert said they never believed the accusations.

Ravens fans know him as the “Birdman.” The Ravens and Orioles super-fan would dress up for parades and games and lend his time to charities. He's also a retired Baltimore County Fire Department captain. 

The stories from one girl changed that reputation .

"He wouldn't even go out because everyone who knew him, he got tired of answering questions about it,"
Frank Hudnet said. 

A police report was filed last August documenting instances of sexual abuse between 2005 and 2008 at locations throughout Baltimore County.

The victim told police she was 12 to 14 years old at the time.

Hudnet’s son believes the victim may have made up the allegations.

“Honestly, yeah,” Robert Hudnet said. “She's always been after…"

“She's been an attention seeker," Frank added.   

Last year when police confronted Greg Hudnet, he denied the allegations telling investigators, "personally, I feel like the victim tried to seduce me ."

The executive director of the Baltimore Child Abuse Center is not suggesting Hudnet is guilty, but he said children lie to get out of trouble, not into trouble.

"I generally don't believe that children make these things up," Adam Rosenberg said. "Time is the friend of the abusers in these cases because the more that time goes on, the harder it is to recall facts in this case and the harder it is to understand that it actually happened there."  

The jury is still out on whether the family member will file a civil lawsuit and if Greg Hudnet will return to his role as the Birdman after keeping a low profile over the last year.


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