Family, friends remember Yeardley Love

A little more than one year ago, University of Virginia lacrosse player Yeardley Love was found beaten to death in her apartment.

Her ex-boyfriend, George Huguely, also a UVA lacrosse player, confessed to her murder.

Yeardley's teammates, coaches and family have remained silent, until now. May of them are speaking exclusively to Good Morning America about how they are keeping her spirit alive.

Catherine Barthelme, Yeardley's childhood friend remembers her as "compassionate and fun and kind hearted and smart and just had a lot of things going for her."

Kelly Cashen, Yeardley's childhood friend remembers her as she "truly saw the world through sunshine colored glasses, everything in a positive light."

A year after her tragic death, it is the happy memories of Yeardley that her friends and close family, like her cousin, Sharon Robinson, remember most of all.

Sharon says "When I think about her growing up, I think of her smiling, I think of her laughing."

A life with big dreams, teacher and coach Erin Gillin says Yeardley had one special goal growing up, "she has always wanted to play lacrosse at UVA."

"I look back at pictures that I have of her at 6, 7, 8 years-old wearing Virginia lacrosse shorts and t-shirts.

Yeardley's former coach, Heather Dow remembers her as "tenacious, she gave you her best all the time. As a coach, that's the greatest gift an athlete can give you."

After her death, an outpouring of love came, and people around the country reached out.

Sharon says "we got so many letters from people who were truly touched by her kindness and goodness. So before too long we said we want to do something to honor her memory."

From there, the One Love Foundation was established.

Catherine says they started the foundation to "bring out the Yeardley in everyone. The point of the foundation is to try and give positive experiences to adolescents."

On the field, UVA pays the ultimate tribute.

Coach Julie Myers and the women's lacrosse team will retire Yeardley's #1 jersey this spring.

Myers says "We still have her locker, her locker plate is still up. We all take a glance and very privately think for a few minutes when we see it. She shill has a way of making us reflect back by making us fell good about reflecting."

One year later, her teacher, coaches, friends and family remember Yeardley and her legacy.

Sharon says, "She was a daughter, she was a sister, she was my cousin, and we all loved her for who she was."

To watch more of Yeardley's tribute with Good Morning America, click here.

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