Residents express concern over snow-covered sidewalks in Baltimore County

Talk about your slippery slopes.
A mother and her two children gingerly walk the packed, icy path that conceals a sidewalk along Reisterstown Road in Reisterstown, and people boarding a bus nearby have to perform an icy tap dance of their own.
But when Shannon Robinson arrived with her youngest daughter to meet the school bus a short distance away on Bosley Lane this morning, she was disturbed by what she found. 
"I saw a child walking up Reisterstown Road and he was in the road and watching snowplows going around him, one snowplow, and watching a school bus having to maneuver to go around and it's pretty heavy traffic through here at 7:45 in the morning," she said. "It's dangerous."
In Baltimore County, residents and businesses have 24 hours after a storm to clear their walks or they could be subject to warnings and then citations for failing to do so.
Those citations come with a $25 fine, and it's $25 more each day that the sidewalk remains covered.
Code Enforcement Chief Lionel Van Dommelen says he received 10 complaints last week including some on Reisterstown Road.
"In the case of those complaints, the inspection was performed the next day and correction notices were issued and by Friday afternoon, every one of the businesses that had received the correction notice had cleared the sidewalk and was in compliance."
But by the size of the mounds on the sidewalks near Robinson's home, it must not have been those businesses.
"Well, it wasn't cleared after the first snow and it wasn't cleared after the second snow," said Robinson, "We have school every morning.  School's on time, and I'm just terrified that a child is either going to get hit in the road or slide out into the road and get hit."
The county claims snow removal enforcement is complaint-driven.
Inspectors don't go out looking for infractions, so if you spot a dangerous sidewalk, you have to call to get action.
Code Enforcement only has 20 inspectors to enforce all of the codes in the county, and it claims life-threatening infractions come first.
If you call about a snow-covered sidewalk, they say they will make every effort to address it within 24 hours.
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