Facing Zombies Good for Your Health?

MAC gives people a life-saving workout

Paul Charbonnier is teaching what it takes to survive, "Are you ready to fight for your lives because survival of the fittest has never been this literal."  This is Zombie Survival Camp.  This one weekend only, boot camp style class is designed to prepare everyone for the Zombie Apocalypse, "They will have an opportunity to run, smash, bash, flee, kick and fight for 90 minutes."

It all started off as a joke between trainer Paul and a friend, but with dozens signing up for survival boot camp, Paul had to come up with a fitness program that would peak not only the imagination but also heart rates, "If getting ready to battle zombies and getting ready to fight for your life, if it gets people off the couch and gets people motivated and its fun and makes them think they're not actually exercising, that's fantastic."

Zombies, marked by blood splattered shirts, play against the living in several cardio focused drills.  If the dead win it means the living have to do more cardio.  

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