Essex woman opens up about dog attack that critically injured her grandson

ESSEX, Md. - The boy injured in a dog attack in Essex on Tuesday is recovering at Johns Hopkins.

In an interview with the dog’s owner – the boy’s grandmother Regina Cherny – she said she was upstairs in her apartment when she heard loud noises coming from below

“All I can remember is my daughter-in-law screaming, that you know the dog went after my grandson,” Cherny said.  “And when I got down here we just saw all the blood everywhere.”

And her grandson, 2-year-old John Cherny, was bleeding on the floor.

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“He got a cut from his ear, here, all the way to his mouth," Cherny said motion with her finger. "And then two puncture wounds in the back of his head back here."

Rescue crews flew the boy to Johns Hopkins.  His father got the dog off of him, killing it in the process; Regina Cherny isn't sure how.

“He just pulled his mouth open and pulled him off,” she said.

The dog, named Midnight, was 3 years old.  On Tuesday, Baltimore County police and several neighbors referred to it as a pit bull.  Regina Cherny adopted Midnight from the BARCS shelter. Tt was a mutt, she said, although she knows part of its mix was "pit bull" -- but that's not what she considered it.

“I think she was a boxer mix with some pit bull in her,” she said.  “I'm tired of the rap she's trying to get. Because they're saying she's a pit bull but she's not. She was a mix breed.”

Cherny feel pit bulls are unfairly targeted. 

“Other dogs bite too, but you just don't hear about them because everybody wants to raise something about the pit bulls and that's not fair,” she said.

Cherny said Midnight has always been well-behaved, and never attacked anyone.  

“She'd go up and play with you, wrestle with you, lick you to death,” she said.

She does not know what triggered the attack on Tuesday.

Her grandson is doing as well as can be expected.  He'll need some facial surgery, but on Wednesday he was awake and talking.

“Right before I talked to you he was on the phone growling like a dinosaur, because he loves dinosaurs,” she said.

Regina Cherny  said she would definitely get another pit bull mix, but not right away.

“Someday I will get another one. It's just horrible," she said.

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