Elderly woman's engagement rings are stolen in a string of burglaries in Perry Hall

PERRY HALL, Md. - She has the memories of "I will," but a burglar has walked off with two engagement rings. 

"The one was from my first husband who passed away.  So it did mean a lot because I have his son too that I wanted to give them to pass them on to," said Angela Kuta, a burglary victim.   

The first ring was given 61 years ago; she's had the other from her second husband for 40 years.  Take all the cash, but not Kuta's most precious memories.

"Every time I think about it my stomach starts shaking," said Kuta.    

While 81-year-old Miss Angela and her husband were sleeping early Friday morning, police say a burglar came through an unlocked window in the kitchen,  found the rings and went right into their bedroom.

"The Outback card was gone," Kuta said.  They called, and it was already used.   

He also took over $100 in cash and drank a soda, but left behind the empty can.  The next night, and just a few doors down, police think the same man tried to get into Ruth Fell's home.

"The screen was broken into.  And then the other night we came home and the screen was pulled up the next morning," said Fell.   

Police are investigating four burglaries and attempted burglaries in the 5100 block of Joppa Rd. in Perry Hall and two others just a few miles away on Ramblebrook Rd. and Dana Vista Rd.  They happened overnight between March 22nd through March 25th.

"In these burglaries, there was a path of least resistance.  There was a window that was either opened or unlocked or not secured," said Elise Armacost, Baltimore Co. police spokeswoman.           

Investigators came up with a composite sketch of a man seen in the area around the time of the burglaries.  He's believed to be a white male about 25 years old.

Miss Angela hopes to get her rings back and give the man a lesson from grandma.

"I would like to beat his hiney.  I really would," said Kuta. 

Police are asking people in the area to lock their windows.  Miss Angela says she forgot that one night and so did Fell.

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