Dr. Joe Hairston to leave county schools

BALTIMORE COUNTY, Md. - Baltimore Schools Superintendent Doctor Joe Hairston has announced he is leaving at the end of his contract.

County Schools spokesperson, Charles Herndon says that Dr. Hairston will not be seeking to renew his current contract which ends June 30, 2012, the end of this school year.

Dr. Hairston has served as the Superintendent of County Public Schools since 2000. His leadership has yielded rising academic achievements throughout his service.

In 2007, the Horace Mann League of the USA elected Dr. Hairston to the 12-member Board of Directors, and in 2011, the Board elected him as Vice President.

Dr. Hairston has been recognized by presidents and the national media, and been honored with numerous distinguished awards.

There is no word on why Dr. Hairston is leaving the school system.

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