Double D Bail Bonds company creates controversy with new sign

TOWSON, Md. - Some people say a new business in Towson has gone a little too far in trying to get its customers' attention.

The new Double D Bail Bonds sign is on Chesapeake Avenue, just East of York Road. It just went up Saturday; the actual business isn't even open yet.

The logo is an artist's drawing of a well-endowed woman wearing a bikini top with the letter D on each breast. She's also in handcuffs.

"I guess they're trying to get people's attention for real," said Eleanor Frederick of Baltimore City.

The business is well-positioned near the courthouses in Towson, but it's also right across the street from the Towson Branch Library.

"When you see the logo it shows a little too much so for younger children it doesn't send a very good message," said Erika Stasch of Towson.

"It is offensive, but I'm not going to lose any sleep over it," added Kim Wilson.

Some say it would be more appropriate on "The Block" in Baltimore, and the best thing to do would be to take that logo down off the wall altogether.

Others disagree: "I don't find it offensive at all," said Towson business owner Maria Butta.

Tuesday night, Baltimore County Spokeswoman Ellen Kobler told ABC-2 news: "The Double D Bail Bonds sign was permitted, and meets all Baltimore County sign regulations."

It's not uncommon for bail bondsmen to use intense marketing plans; Big Boyz pens can be found in stores and other businesses all over the area.

The Double D comes from the first names of the two principal owners of the business. Donny Stepp works for the owners. He says the logo was designed to draw in eyeballs, but: "Never was meant to offend in any way, and if the community and people would just give them a chance to start changing lives," he said.

The owners, according to Stepp, hope to change the way bail bondsmen do business -- putting the people they bail out in touch with people who can help them. "If you have a chemical problem, if you have a dependency which most of the people who get bailed out do, they can then direct them and refer them to people who specialize and are experts in that field," he said.

Double D Bail Bonds will open in a few weeks -- and they say you'll be seeing a lot of that logo. Within the next 18 months, they hope to open locations in Baltimore City as well as Anne Arundel and Harford Counties.

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