Dennis Pitta stops into local store surprising fans

PARKVILLE, Md. - At the Modell's in Parkville , a steady stream of Ravens fans coming in to buy AFC championship gear.

The Martin Luther King holiday today not only gave kids the chance to watch the whole game last night, but spend the day shopping for anything Ravens.

It is that kind of passion for the Ravens win that is actually making the Parkville store the highest grossing one in the chain today.

Numbers and customers that started rolling in as the score literally went final.

"When the clock hit zero on the game, we unlocked the front doors and we were ready for our first customers.  We were here and we had customers in here from 9:45 until past midnight," said Modell's General Manager Tom Luke.

And then open again at six this morning; the store seeing a steady stream of fans and even a player.

Ravens tight end Dennis Pitta made the stop to pick up his own gear, moving admittedly a little slower after that monster hit he took in the second half.

"I'm standing still, I feel alright," said Pitta, "Pretty sore this morning when I got up.  Felt like I got hit by a truck, but feeling good.  It always makes it a lot easier when you take a hit like that to get back up and be able to score on the next play."

It also feels good to these fans, some of them surprised by Pitta's appearance here, eager to get their pictures taken with a conference champion today, hoping he becomes a ‘super' league champion in two weeks.

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