Deer attempts to break into ABC2

BALTIMORE - The news came to ABC2 Thursday morning. A deer ran into a station lobby door.

"I was scared to death it was going to come in here," said Anita Wilson, the security supervisor who was sitting in the lobby.

Wilson said the deer ran up the walkway and straight into the glass.

After breaking through the reflective glass, the deer turned around and ran back onto the street and across York Road.

"I was hysterical. I thought he was going to come into the lobby," Wilson said.

If the deer would have entered, it would have met several players from the Loyola Blakefield football team. They were anxiously awaiting interviews about the Turkey Bowl .

"I think the deer got the worst of it," said coach Brant Hall.

No one (including the deer) seemed to be harmed.  Although, the deer did lose some fur on the glass.

Check back with ABC2 News as we seek out experts to explain the incident and they chance it could happen to you.

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