Event raises money for Daniel Borowy

A group raises funds of assist with medical bills

HART-MILLER ISLAND, Md (WMAR) - Saturday was the first time a 17-year-old Perry Hall High School student got out of the house and doctor's office since he was shot on the first day of school.

Daniel Borowy, with his parents and siblings, made an appearance at a fundraiser held to help pay for his medical bills.

Borowy spent two weeks recovering from a gunshot wound to his back at Shock Trauma.

Daniel got far away doctors Saturday, and onto the water for a ride like he's never had before.

It was supposed to be an end of the summer party, but organizers at the Easter Yacht Club in Essex turned it into a fundraiser for the 17-year-old.

The family's share of hospital bills could be more than one-hundred thousand dollars, organizers say.  In addition, in-home care costs and rehabilitation.

"He has to have his wounds cared for twice a day, which he's not fond of," says Rosemary Borowy.  "For the most part, he came home and was almost like the same boy that left," she said. 

"When I saw those boats out there, I thought wow, this is what it's about," said Carolyn Creamer, Member at the Eastern Yacht Club. "People giving, people caring," she said.

Anchored down on his house boat, Borowy relaxed as the music of his favorite artist, Lady GaGa, played.

Daniel gave our cameras thumbs up for how far he has come.

He is now captain, and day one of the school year is now behind him.

There is no set date for when Borowy is expected to return to school, but his mom said he's ready to go soon.

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