Couple says deaf pit bull puppy was stolen from their home

TIMONIUM, Md. - A couple says their 13-week-old puppy was snatched from his crate last Thursday when their home was broken into.

"It's everything and anything we want right now in life. There's nothing else we want in life than to have this little guy come back home to us," said Mike Lenhart, the puppy's owner.

Lenhart and Anna Hiken adopted Thor about a month ago as a Valentine's Day gift. But Thursday evening, their new family member was gone.

"I literally opened it probably about this far," Hiken said as she cracked the back door open. "I stepped one foot in here and saw the TV was gone, my papers were thrown everywhere and they took my laptop."

It wasn't until investigators finished a walk through of the apartment that they realized their white pit bull puppy and his leash were snatched during the break-in.

"There's not enough money in the world to replace something that's considered family. That is family. Someone you love so very much," said Lenhart.

The little guy doesn't yet have the know-how to make his way home, and the couple worries because he's deaf, it could make it harder to find him.

"We've been going through online, going through all of Baltimore County's shelter and Baltimore city," Hiken said as she thumbed through print outs.

They're hoping his trademark ears set him apart.

"His ears sit like that all the time," she said pointing to picture of Thor's ears folded over. "You might be able to flip one over, but it goes right back. You're going to know it's him when you see those ears."

For now, the couple is spending all day and night passing out fliers, making phone calls, and spreading the word online; anything they can do to bring Thor home.

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