Community fundraiser for Daniel Borowy

KINGSVILLE, Md. - The brighter side of a school shooting happened on Friday night at the Gundpowder Lodge in Kingsville.  There was pit beef, horseshoes, and lots of laughter to support 17-year-old Daniel Borowy. 

"It just goes to show how much everybody loves Daniel and how much they want to support him," said Rosemary Borowy, Daniel's mom, who attended the fundraiser.      

It's only the second time Daniel Borowy's mom has left the hospital.  She stopped by for a quick dinner and to thank the people, some familiar, some not, who are helping her family.

The organizers had to do something.  Every person spends $25 dollars; every penny goes to the family.

"Just being a parent with a child at Perry Hall and being able to come home to my son at night and being able to be with him.  My heart went out to Daniel's mother," said Lori Nadolny-Tates, organizer.

"It was easy to rally the people in Perry Hall because it's a close community," said Derek Woodward, organizer.   

Strangers at the time, Lori Nadolny-Tates picked up the phone to call her nephew Derek Woodward, a teacher at Kenwood High School.  He then reached out to the owner of Gunpowder Lodge, who donated much of the food.  There's a raffle, 50/50 and hope that it stops here.

"I hope from all of this comes something in either legislation or with the school system to stop bullying in the school system," said Kim Dorsey, who is helping the family.     

Andrew Nadolny is a junior at Perry Hall.

"A lot of people are still shocked over it, but the attitude has gotten a lot better.  People have gone for help," said Nadolny.     

Daniel is still in the hospital, but he's up walking and on the road to recovery while people he may never meet make sure he's cared for financially.

"He's a hero.  Everybody, I hope, think this of him that way because he's just fighting long and hard to come back home and be with us," said Borowy.

Daniel's love for Lady Gaga is seen at the hospital.  A family friend says the first time he walked, he wore her mask.      

The Facebook page for "Lady Gaga Please Visit Daniel" has over 31,000 likes and we are hearing Gaga will be in New York next week.  The hope is she will take a trip south to Daniel's hospital room. 


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