Commishioner Bealefeld gets a new career


Former Baltimore City Police Commissioner Frederick Bealefeld has a new job, teaching criminal justice at Stevenson University. 
Bealefeld retired in August after 31 years on the city's police force. He will now be sharing his life-long experience and knowledge of policing and public safety with the students of the Stevenson University's criminal justice program. 
Commissioner Bealefeld will serve as a full-time Distinguished Professional in Criminal Justice and Instructor on the Stevenson faculty. He will teach, develop advanced coursework for undergraduates and establish internship opportunities for the criminal justice majors. 
"I am excited to be working with students to help them connect the knowledge they receive in the classroom with real-world experiences that prepare them for careers in law enforcement and public safety," said Bealefeld. "In today's competitive workforce, it is so vitally important to give students a skills and character advantage in the job marketplace. This is the heart of Stevenson's career development mission and one that I am fully dedicated to, as well."
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