Civil rights group calls white student union hate group

TOWSON, Md. - The head of a local civil rights group, Southern Christian Leadership, says he's asked the FBI to investigate the White Student Union that recently announced they will be patrolling the campus.

"This is a ploy for him to specifically target people of color,  specifically African Americans and African American men," said Rev. C.D. Witherspoon…"This is a white supremacist group make no mistake about it."

Student group leader Matthew Heimbach says other students should not feel threatened by the security patrols, but the Southern Poverty Law Center considers the white student union a hate group.

They have contacted the FBI to ask for its help and they plan to meet with administrators at Towson University to find out how they can stop the security patrols.

This week the white student union announced they will have patrols on campus with members equipped with pepper spray and flashlights to prevent crime on campus.

The University does not recognize this group and does not encourage the patrols.

Despite criticism Matthew Heimbach says he's not backing down.

He says his goal is to stand up for white identity and promote policies that benefit white students.

Heimbach says his group has more than 50 members who don't hate other groups, but they don't feel any need to interact with them.

"I don't think diversity is a strength but it doesn't bother me in my day to day because I just kind of stay with my own crowd."

Heimbach says he still plans to go ahead with his security patrols sometime next week.

What's next?

Next week the black student union and the student government will hold a rally on Tuesday on campus in support of the university's diversity.

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