Children report suspicious activity in two separate Middle River incidents

MIDDLE RIVER, Md. - In two separate weekend incidents, children reported "suspicious" men in the Middle River area, specifically near two elementary schools.

"Very scary. I tell my children about it all the time, 'I don't like you walking by yourself.' I try to make sure they walk in groups or their older siblings with them," said Karen Wilson, who lives on the same block where the first incident happened.

On Friday at around 6 p.m., two children, a 10 and 11-year-old, were walking a dog near Carrollwood Road. They told police two men in a pick up truck yelled out the window, "Go get them!" The kids ran and hid behind trees when they heard a man say, "Where did they go? I can't find them."

"To hear about it first hand that it happens right up the street just from where I live is troubling to say the least," said Mike Shepley, who lives in the neighborhood.

Police rushed to the area Wednesday responding to calls from concerned parents.

For Wilson, the shocking reality is the exact reason she stresses 'stranger danger' with her kids.

"Just try to do what you can to get away. Kick, punch, bite, or just punch them in the neck," said her 9-year-old daughter, Breanna.

The second case happened a day later. A 10-year-old girl told police a man in an SUV drove past her, backed up, and circled the bus loop at Oliver Beach Elementary Schools three times.

"That's really disturbing. It actually got me a little choked up when I heard about something like that, that it could actually happen. That's just not right," said Bryan Campbell, who lives across the street from the school.

Both Oliver Beach Elementary and Seneca Elementary Schools sent a letter home to parents this week.

Police say the two incidents are not connected.

If you have any information on either of these cases, contact Baltimore County police.

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