Catonsville Fourth of July parade traditions continue

CATONSVILLE, Md. - Its one of our great “ville's:”  Catonsville.  So great that Mark Twain made his last public appearance here.  It also has one of the best 4th of July parades.

Among the traditions involved with the parade is the tradition of getting a curbside spot weeks before Friday's parade. This year is no exception.

It's two days before the Fourth of July and the chairs are out in Catonsville. Some of them look like they've seen a decade of parades.

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Resident Christina Cooney said she loves the parade, even if she doesn’t stake out a spot with a chair.

“We don't follow that tradition of setting out chairs specifically,” she said. “We follow the tradition of  going to the same area for the parade every year. We go down to [Hilcrest Elementary School] and we sit in the same spot in a lawn area.”

As you travel Frederick Road there are chairs with blankets, some tied down with rope, even the Disney characters have a spot. Many residents wonder how the tradition got started.

“I have no idea,” said resident Joan LaCount “I guess people wanted to make sure they saved their places, but one of the things I find very interesting is nobody ever touches those chairs. They stay where they are like they’re sacred.”

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