Caregiver convicted for assaulting disabled man

A caregiver was convicted today of second-degree assault for hitting a disabled adult, according to the Maryland General Attorney’s office.
Ronald G. Barnes, 54, was convicted for hitting a 63-year-old disabled adult while he awaited treatment at an Owings Mills medical office in December 2012.
Barnes worked as a driver for L.I.F.E., Inc., a not-for-profit agency that provides residential, employment and day services to individuals with disabilities.
Barnes transported the adult to the Owings Mills medical office. While Barnes accompanied him in the waiting room, several members of the office staff saw Barnes speaking harshly to the adult and handling him in a physically rough manner. At times, Barnes hit the adult’s arms and head.
The victim sustained no visible injury as a result of Barnes’ actions, but the rough treatment was significant enough that employees of the medical office made a formal complaint to L.I.F.E.
"Abusing any other person is an intolerable act, made that much more heinous when the victim is vulnerable and unable to defend himself as in this case," Attorney General Gansler said in a statement.
A sentencing hearing is scheduled for March 12.
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