Caitlyn Virts' grandmother: "She said, 'We're all three together now'"

BALTIMORE COUNTY, MD - For days, 11-year-old Caitlyn Virts' family has waited on edge. Amber alerts swept across the nation, as the family held onto the hope that she'd be okay.

"Worrying. Just worrying. All kinds of stuff going through my head," said Virts' grandmother, Anna Trainor Goodwin.

Three days after she disappeared with her father, the family got word that Caitlyn has returned to Maryland.

"I jumped up! I was jumping up for joy! I was happy. In tears, happy," Trainor Goodwin said.

She says she got a call from Caitlyn's twin sister around 8:00 Sunday morning.

"She just said she was happy. She said, 'Mom-Mom, Caitlyn's back! We're all together again.'"

Trainor Goodwin says it was a phone call she'll never forget. But she says this is only the beginning of the journey; in time, she's hoping to get custody of the three siblings.

"I know that I cannot live here because my house is small, I need to move and get a bigger house. And I'm willing to do all that. Just for the kids. I'll do anything for them kids," she said.

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