Brigance Brigade gets an honor

OJ out to cure Lou Gehrig's Disease (ALS)

Baltimore - OJ Brigance once hoisted the Lombardi Trophy, now he can't lift a finger. 

He can still blitz you with his all-pearl smile, which we all need after a weekend in New England.

"Jamie, that was a devastating loss for the Ravens and all of our fans," he said to me.

 You see OJ has a talent for looking at the last game, (or yesterday), as a lesson for the next game, (or tomorrow).  "Just like my situation, you just keep moving on," he said. 

A pure athlete who lettered from high school through the pro's, now stares at the cruelest letters, ALS.  

The disease has hushed his voice, but never will it silence his message.  Don't dare challenge his heart and soul, especially when it comes to his Ravens who he goes to work for everyday. 

"The Ravens give me purpose to wake up everyday," said Brigance.

Communicating with OJ is like asking your teacher for the essay questions before the test, and the answers you get back are written better than Thoreau. 

His eyes blink to find the words to tell us how he sees the world. 

His wife, Chanda Brigance said, "Of course we asked why us...once."  

She is his guard, his quarterback, the love of his life. 

"Prayer isn't part of our life, prayer is our life," she said   

Together they push to the next second, minute, day, month, using the Brigance Brigade to inspire a nation because one day they will erase the letters A-L-S.  

Due to their incredible effort, the Brigances will be honored by the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation Aspire Gala on Friday night. 

"You said it, this is the highest honor and we are so truly honored," she said.  

No, its us who should be honored to have you in Baltimore.   In ones life you meet a man who changes yours....

OJ Brigance is the Man!

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