Bowls made by students at The Harbour School will benefit a food pantry

REISTERSTOWN, Md. - It's a beautiful day, a butterfly you've never seen before, frosty and a frog.  Every bowl tells a story, best told by the creative students.

They're each $10, what will amount to donations to the food pantry.  You can bet students at The Harbour School in Owings Mills understand how it adds up.

"The world doesn't evolve around you.  If people out there be nice to babies, old folks, animals and other stuff cause that's how you like them to treat you," said Grady Naylor, a student. 

Students at The Harbour School have learning disabilities, so they understand how to come out ahead of a struggle.

"It feels amazing because you know that your hard work is paying to help someone who needs it," said Madelyn Dennis, a student. 

"As they've delved further and further into this project and they learn about other families and children especially that are also facing hardship, it's really helped them to develop and empathetic connection," said Bryon Fracchia, a teacher.     

Next Friday, on the evening of the holiday performance, family and friends will be able to buy a bowl of homemade soup in one of the hand-painted bowls for $10.  The money collected will be donated to the food pantry at Reisterstown United Methodist Church. 

The director of the pantry says at least 40 families will be fed from the donation.

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