BGE awards Towson University $1.7 million for energy efficient incentives

TOWSON, Md. -  BGE awarded Towson University $1.7 million toward energy efficient incentives Thursday afternoon. It's a part of BGE's Smart Energy Savers Program.

Faculty members gave a tour of one of the campus' energy efficient buildings, showing off their latest efforts toward going green. Upgrades include nearly 35,000 new or replaced light fixtures, an energy efficient roof, and sensors that dim lighting when the sun shines into the building. 

"You at your own home could remove your incandescent bulbs and install LEDs, just like the University did here. And we have had over 16 million CFLs purchased under our discount program," said Ruth Kiselewich, with BGE. 

The University says this is just the beginning of their efforts toward being more energy efficient. Next up, they hope to add solar panels and LED lighting. 

"The students love absolutely love it and they want it as well," Steve Kolb, the university's energy manager, said. "And we're proud. We want to participate in environmental reduction opportunities every time we can and whenever we have an opportunity to increase energy efficiency on campus, it's a win-win for everybody."
With the energy efficient upgrades, the university is able to save over $1 million each year is energy costs. 
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