Baltimore County schools get security wands

TOWSON, Md. - Baltimore County Schools will start using metal detecting wands, immediately.

The news comes after a series of incidents -- the first, on the very first day of school.  Another student shot 17-year-old Daniel Borowy inside the cafeteria at Perry Hall High School.

He is now out of the hospital and recovering..

Then on September 11th, police say a teen brought a gun to Stemmers Run Middle School, and was disarmed by a teacher.

And on Tuesday another weapon was found on a student -- this time a bb gun at Owings Mills High School.

Now at least part of the answer, according to the county police chief -- metal detectors.

"This technology allows us to use this new tool to enhance visual observation when reasonable suspicion exists that something just isn't right in the school building," said Chief Jim Johnson.

After the Stemmers Run incident, the county's new superintendent, Dr. Dallas Dance, said he wasn't ready to bring in metal detectors, yet.

"We need to take a deliberate approach to it. And there have been school systems and schools around the country that have installed metal detectors and have still had incidents to occur," he said at the time.

But starting Thursday, the police chief says every school resource officer will have access to the hand-held "wand" devices.

Parents we spoke with say it's a good idea.

"They will be less likely to bring something like that that could cause harm to another child in the school, whether it be a knife or a gun or whatever it is," said Barry Rumsey.

"We do need to be extra vigilant and do what we need to do to make sure we protect the children in school and make a safe environment for them," said Jon Newman, whose son attends Perry Hall Middle School.

The police chief says the wands won't be used for random searches, but only when a school resource officer has a reasonable suspicion that someone in the school has a weapon.

Christian Schaffer, ABC2 News.

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