Baltimore County Public Schools kick off first Bullying Prevention Week

Baltimore City public schools launched their first-ever Bullying Prevention Week Tuesday, promoting positivity among students and the release of a new bullying incident report form. 
The superintendent’s Student Advisory Council initiated and coordinated Bullying Prevention Week. Special videos and activities will engage students and staff throughout the week. A different theme each day will emphasize anti-bullying, cyber-bullying awareness, kindness and building new friendships. 
The week began Tuesday morning with a special kickoff event at Ridgely Middle School, where eighth-grader Giulia Parsons was honored for submitting the week’s winning slogan: “Loving is Louder.” 
Bullying Prevention Week coincides with the release of an online Bullying, Harassment or Intimidation Reporting Form designed to help report incidents of bullying and increase the anonymity of submissions. 
Students, staff and parents will be able to complete and submit the form electronically from a computer, laptop or tablet. Once submitted, the form will be forwarded to the principal of the relevant school for review and action. 
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