Baltimore County man pleads guilty to sex trafficking

BALTIMORE, Md: -  Charles Hufton, age 26, formerly of Cockeysville, pleaded guilty  Friday to conspiracy to commit sex trafficking with a minor.

According to his plea agreement, in January of 2013, Hufton, a doorman at a nightclub in Baltimore, and co-defendant Rodney Hubert, a registered sex offender in Maryland, recruited girls, some of whom were underage, to engage in prostitution. 
Hubert sought a 19-year-old associate to work as a prostitute beginning in December 2012. 

Hufton and Hubert offered her a commission to recruit a 16-year-old Baltimore resident to perform prostitution.  

While living wiht Hubert, the girl had sex with customers on at least five occasions in a Parkville house , and on at least seven occasions at other locations.
Hubert offered to pay the  girl $400 dollars to take provocative photos of her wearing lingerie.  She posed for the photos, although Hubert never paid her the promised fee. 

Hufton and Hubert did, however, use the photos for online prostitution ads.  Hufton used his smartphone and email address to create and post online ads for the females’ commercial sex. 
Hufton must register as a sex offender and faces a maximum sentence of life in prison. 

Sentencing will take place on Oct. 24. 


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