Baltimore County food pantry in need of donations

Help restock one local food pantry

They give out groceries three days a week, and Rachael Neill, CARES Program Director, says the some of the shelves are getting bare.
"The summertime is always a little bit slow," Neill said. "The donations seem go down during the summer and we've run out of some of the real basics like rice, cereal, soup, pasta and peanut butter."
The shelves were once stocked, but Neill says many families are in need.
"As you can see are shelves for soup, macaroni and cheese, canned pasta, rice, rice-bins are totally empty," she said. "This is about as bad as it  gets for this part of the pantry so were hoping the donations will come in today as a response to our plea because we are giving out food tomorrow and again on Monday."
As with many food pantries people tend to donate over the holidays, but the summer is when many families need the extra help.
"The families have their children home during the summer and not getting a lot of free lunch or free breakfast at school," Neill said. "When they are not getting that there is more of a burden on the families to provide the meals for their kids."
GEDCO Volunteer Roger Madayung has seen a lot of people coming in for help.
"Especially early in the month or towards the end of the month which shows that there are a lot of needs around town," he said. "We are providing a lot food assistance that are really helpful for people who are not able to provide themselves good nutrition for there everyday life."
People coming into CARES leave with 2 or 3 bags of groceries.  In addition they leave with fresh produce.
"It's not easy for someone to come to a food pantry and ask for free food, but they do have to and  we are seeing an average of 340 families that come thru each month and that has gone up this year noticeably," Neill said.
Donations can be dropped off to the CARES food pantry at 5502 York Road, in Towson, right behind St. Mary's Church.  Donations times are Wednesday from 9 a.m. to noon and Saturdays from 10 a.m. until noon.
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