Baltimore County bill would protect transgender people in the workplace, housing, and public places

Supporters wear "purple" to council meeting

TOWSON, Md - There's a fight in Baltimore County over a bill that would stop discrimination against transgender people but some opponents worry women could end up the victims if the bill passes.

Dozens of people packed a council meeting in Towson Tuesday night to hear from both sides. The bill would protect transgender people at work and when they use the restroom.

The bill comes about a year after the beating of Chrissy Polis, a transgender woman , at a Rosedale McDonald's.

But opponents say the bill would leave women vulnerable inside restrooms.

"This takes away from a woman being a woman," said Dr. Ruth Jacobs, infectious disease specialist. "Somebody else is just like you. These people are confused about their gender."

A l ot of supporters dressed in "purple" who favor the bill Tuesday evening. They argue that women will not be assaulted by transgender men who use the women's restroom.

"Transgender people are using the bathroom because that's what they have to do is use the bathroom," said Sharon Brackett board chair for Gender Rights of Ma ryland . "There's no evidence, there's no proof, it doesn't happen."

The seven member Baltimore County council is expected to pass the bill.

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