Baltimore Co., Towson University to improve pedestrian safety on campus

Baltimore County and Towson University announced plans Friday to build a raised crosswalk to improve pedestrian safety and slow traffic on Cross Campus Drive near the school’s York Road Administration Building. 
The County Bureau of Traffic Engineering consulted with Towson University to design the raised crosswalk. The design includes bumped-out curbs on Cross Campus Drive to slow vehicles down and shorten the crossing from the parking garage and bus stop to the Administration Building.
The $62,000 project will be paid directly by Towson University to a county-approved traffic calming contractor.
“It’s a busy thoroughfare with constant student and faculty traffic and this will benefit the whole campus, greatly enhancing safety for everyone,” said Deb Moriarty, vice president for student affairs at Towson University.
Baltimore County Councilman David Marks (R-Perry Hall) said the project is one of many that will greatly enhance mobility around Towson, including construction of a pedestrian bridge over Osler Drive and new bike lanes.
“Students will be safer, and this kind of collaboration saves money for the county taxpayers and the university,” said County Executive Kevin Kamenetz in a statement. 
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