Baltimore City school bus workers win $1.25 million wage settlement

Baltimore school bus drivers and attendants have reached a $1.25 million wage settlement with their employer, Durham School Services, the transportation contractor for Baltimore City Public Schools.
The settlement covers damages for 366 class members with unpaid wages dating back to 2010.
The class action lawsuit, filed in March 2013, covered hours that workers spent on pre- and post-trip safety inspections, fueling, cleaning and initial training, for which they claimed they were not paid. 
The lawsuit also alleged that Durham either failed to pay workers for all overtime, or failed to pay overtime in a timely manner.
"We work hard and don't make a lot of money to begin with. For many of us, the pay we didn't receive was the difference between being able to pay the electric bill and having food on the table for our families. We are glad to finally win back the pay that was stolen from us," said Martin Fox, a Durham school bus driver in a statement.
The U.S. District Court preliminarily approved the settlement and a hearing by a judge is scheduled for April 4.
This is not the first time Durham has settled over unpaid wages. In 2012, the company settled a statewide class action lawsuit with school bus workers in California. The workers won $7 million.
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