Baltimore area women go through bone marrow transplant like Robin Roberts

BALTIMORE - Far away from the bright lights of Broadway, two Baltimore area women know what Robin Roberts went through because they went through it too.

Kathleen Scott has Leukemia and her bone marrow donor is her daughter Kellie Mullins.

"I was grateful to be able to help my mom," said Mullins. "She gave me life and I gave it back," she said.

"It's one of the most difficult things I've ever done, but I wanted to live."

Roberts is 5 months away from her transplant, Scott 9.

"I would say pace yourself, listen to your body, there are days when you're going to feel very energetic and then days when you might not feel so energetic," said Kathleen.

Scott and Mullins have learned to appreciate their lives.

"My mom and I both used to think the same way, we're anxious people, we're perfectionists thinking about that next day, doing our best but for me I've actually learned to sit back and enjoy that now and that's really a blessing," said Mullins.

Scott gave this advice: "Don't give up, research all you can listen to your doctors make your decision but don't give up. You are strong"

The blessing is that this retired court reporter, and this Baltimore County teacher know what its like to put their dukes up and fight to live.

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