Animal activists rally against Baltimore County shelter conditions

TOWSON, Md. - Animal advocates arrived ahead of the Baltimore County Council meeting tonight and they hope to grab the attention of government leaders.

The planned rally came on the day a federal lawsuit was filed against a shelter employee. A volunteer claims she was let go from her position after making claims that kittens were dying in the care of Baltimore County Animal Services.

Among those upset over the conditions is volunteer Kristen Zeman who said kittens brought into the county shelter died a week after arriving, she says, due to sicknesses that linger and improper cleaning. Her arguments are similar to a group called Reform BCAS, which organized the rally in Towson Monday. 

"Every single animal that comes in there, basically every single one, ends up getting sick,” Zeman said.  “You have to look at your protocol of cleaning.  Are they using Clorox?  I never smelled Clorox ever when I went in there." 

Dr. Gregory Branch, director of health and human services in Baltimore County, responded to the protesters.

“I don't see a reason for a protest tonight, but I'm kind of glad because they're spotlighting what's actually happening in animal services for Baltimore county,” said Branch, whose division oversees the animal services division. 

Branch believes many issues are being addressed as a new $5 million facility is in the works, a spay and neuter program begins for county residents and hours will expand in the evenings and on weekends.

Animal shelter lawsuit

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