A two-minute selfie in place of a long essay for admissions at Goucher College

TOWSON, Md. - Noah Goldstein and his friends browsing through the fair at Goucher College already did their part.

"It was awful.  I applied to 17 schools," said Goldstein. 

No one at the fair is far removed from writing that long essay to get into college.  But for the brains that follow behind them, it’s a different tale.

News from the president's office at Goucher College could be music worth playing.

"College shouldn't be only based upon past achievement.  It should be based on potential, what you can do.  So we were looking for other ways to get into conversations with more students who might not think they're college material," said Dr. Jose’ Bowen, who has been president at Goucher for nine weeks. 

A two-minute selfie, plus two pieces of high school projects could get you into the liberal arts college in Towson.

"I think I would have a lot to say and I don't think two minutes would be enough," said Yadsera Faris, a Goucher sophomore. 

The video is an alternative, not a requirement.  Dr. Bowen says it is the first college or university that will use a student's self-produced video as the decisive factor for admissions.

"If you want a job, you have to be able to go into those interviews and you have to be confident and you have to be able to show people what you're all about.  And I think this is a great first step," said Eli Kaufman, a Goucher Senior. 

Lights and camera quality don't matter, but action does.

"It's all about marketing a brand for yourself, as well as the school," said Goldstein. http://www.goucher.edu/

The applicants have until December 1 to practice and submit their Goucher Video App, found on the college's website, for 2015 admissions.

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