A day in the life of a GBMC doctor

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Dr. Kevin Ferentz has been practicing family medicine for 32 years and he says he wouldn't have it any other way.

Ferentz has been working as a primary care doctor with GBMC for the past four months. He comes from a long career at University of Maryland.

PHOTOS: A day in the life of a GBMC doctor

The career is a perfect fit for him, Ferentz said.

"I have not regretted that specialty choice one minute in the last 32 years," Ferentz said.

One of the coolest things about his job, Ferentz said, is taking care of multigenerational families.

"What I get out of being a family physician is the joy of helping people," Ferentz said.  "I'm a religious person, I mean for me this is, I'm doing the Lord's work every day so it's very, very wonderful."

Ferentz said one of the biggest challenges to being a family physician can be not having enough time with patients, but at GBMC Ferentz said he has more time with patients than ever before because their focus is on quality of care as opposed to quantity of patients.

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