9-year-old girl seriously injured after being struck by car in Milford Mill


Dodging drivers - It's a game Gretchen Anderson has played since she moved into her home on the 3700 block of Milford Mill Rd. in Baltimore County.  Now, she has an unfortunate example.

"The car was coming past my house.  It was going up the hill.  She must have been trying to cross over to get on the bus," said Anderson.  "I saw her mother leaning over her and I asked her was that her baby and she said yes," she said.     

Nine-year-old Kalina Brockington was hit by a Nissan right outside of Anderson's home.  You can see the dent on the passenger side.

Police say the driver stayed at the scene and was not charged.  But the incident stirs up emotions about kids crossing busy Milford Mill with no protection.

"There is no crosswalk, there is no crossing guard, there are no speed bumps, there's no radar.  There's no safety," said Anderson.     

It's a pitch Anderson has made to police.  She took Kalina's mom to the hospital to be with her daughter and learned she was crossing with two siblings but she lagged behind them.

"She's a nice little girl.  She likes to have fun.  I see her all the time outside playing in the front yard and everything and inside the backyard playing with her dog and everything," said Devin Dawson, a neighbor.      

Now that nice girl has a long road ahead, one that will keep her out of school at Scotts Branch Elementary.  But her neighbor will not put the brakes on the push to make her road safer.

"This child is in the hospital, in ICU, and it needs to happen immediately.  We need Baltimore County to get together, whoever is involved, sign some paperwork and let's get some things done," said Anderson.    

A police spokesman says their recommendations would have to go to the county's traffic engineering office to get approval.

Counselors were sent to Brockington's school to help students understand the accident.

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