2 Good 2 be True - Perry Hall woman pays it forward on her 40th birthday

Michelle Caudill turns 40 today!


You might think that a woman who recently found out there she and her sister had cancer wouldn’t be out celebrating a birthday, but that wasn’t the case for Michelle Caudill.

With her best friends in the world, Michelle poured in the Limo Lady's stretch and was off.  "I've received so much love, so many gifts from people, I just want to give back," she said as she set off to celebrate her birthday.

First stop-- to pay back all the great people who helped her and her sister at St. Joes.  The window on the limo would drop and the gift giver would strike.  She and her girls would hand out gift cards to Starbucks, to the movies, to buy food. 

Back in November Lisa Jester found out through a regular mammogram that she has breast cancer.  She first called her sister Michelle Caudill. 

Six weeks later, Caudill found out that she also had breast cancer.  So you know what she wanted to do today on her 40th birthday?  "To make people, a lot of people smile," said the military wife and mother. 

Her next birthday stop was to see the seniors at Symphony Manor.  They were waiting in wheelchairs out in the lobby.  The girls gave them flowers, the seniors gave back gifts. 

All along the way, they were receiving support through Facebook friends.  Otterbein Cookies were handed over to a lacrosse coach. 

A Howard County family paid a grocery bill for the people standing in line at the Safeway.  A little girl made an Easter Card for the neighbor next door.  They all admit, they were all inspired by todays "40 Acts of Kindness."   At the MD SPCA, they brought gifts for all the doggies and kitties.  When they arrived at the Boys Hope Girls Hope home, Michelle couldn't believe how well this day went.  She just loved the fact that she was able to reach people’s hearts by being so kind. 

Along for the ride was mom, so proud of her two strong girls.  The girls taught her something today- how to live with breast cancer and make others around you better. 

 It was the best of days.  Days two women hope it  will be contagious.   Caudill called it one of the best days of her life.  A life that made ours better today. 

Happy 40th Birthday Michelle,  You are "2 Good 2 be True."

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