2 Good 2 Be True: Drew 'Iron Man' Miller

ELLICOT CITY, Md. (WMAR) - Drew Miller lived in a fantasy world:  he thought he could hit like Frank, field like Brooks, and pitch like Palmer.  Then life pinched him, giving him a disease only the bravest can battle:   ALS.

The rest of us are left behind in the real world remembering who Drew Miller was.   

Jessica and her sister Chesley played on this very field in Ellicot City.  Coached by Dad on the left.   And Mitch on the right.

Drew Miller got fenced into his own body.  3 years ago he found out he had ALS.  In February a man not used to losing; lost.

Miller's buddies from fantasy camp wished they lived in a dream world where drew was still here.  But he is gone.

On a night when the wind was blowing out, where Drew could bounce one to the warning track, his teammates were here.

While the girls played on, four men and a daughter marched to the center field fence.

They unfurled a banner that was paid for by friends of Drew Miller.  It reads,  "Strike out ALS."

Glen thought back to the time he spent four nights taking drew on his final road trip to Anaheim.

 Mitch talks about going over to Drew's house everyday to cheer him up.

Mel knows the real Drew Miller, and a daughter knows that a father will always be in her heart.

The banner hangs, the name will stay on the fence.

Drew Miller you will never be forgotten, for you will always be 2 Good 2 Be True.

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