Drivers see speed camera as 'thief'

BALTIMORE, Md. (WMAR) - Drivers in the Loch Raven area of Baltimore may have been surprised, some even shocked this week.

Another speed camera has been installed. …And whether it's the fear of ticket, the receiving of a warning from the camera or simply the site of the enemy of speedy drivers – it's getting attention.

&*$# &*% and other expletives saturate the new camera. Also, the word "thief" is painted down the long side of the camera.

"Somebody is pretty upset about it," said Bill Groth. "But, the bottom line is, this is a school zone. If you want to go and rip and tear, maybe you need to be on the dragway somewhere. But, you certainly don't need to be doing it in front of a school."

Groth, an employee of Baltimore County Public Schools, said he is not really a fan of the cameras but argues they are a "necessary evil."

""I'm watching the cars whizzing by right now. They are just flying ...This is a school, so take your wildness somewhere else."

Just last month speed cameras in Catonsville were vandalized – the lenses spray painted and kicked.

Check back with ABC2 News as we continue to develop this story.

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