Zoo closed due to weather

BALTIMORE - As sleet, snow and freezing rain came down heavily in the Baltimore area Wednesday morning, the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore was closed.

One concern, zoo officials say, is that the zoo is a 135-acre facility that due to weather may not be safe for guests. Parking lots, paths and etc. may be unsafe.

The obvious, among other concerns, is the safety of the animals in the zoo's care.

"Our polar bears are probably enjoying the day," said zoo spokesman Timm Baldwin.

Other animals that have warm-weather habitats, he said, have to be pulled inside.

Then, among the concerns for safety of the animals and visitors, Baldwin said it becomes a concern for "how much will guests be able to see, even if they actually came out to the zoo."

The zoo is operating on a "CODE A" for employees, meaning that staff members will be at work to feed and care for the animals.

"With luck, we will be open tomorrow," Baldwin said.



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