Why are Baltimore officials disccusing ice skating in July?

Rink proposed to fill McKeldin Square

BALTIMORE - Everyone's got their favorite things to do when it snows, but for many folks that does not include heading out in Baltimore's Inner Harbor. 

"Not really because it's cold out and I can't really have fun down here," said Lawrence Shirriel.

The Waterfront Partnership launched a campaign three years ago to draw more people to the area around the holidays. The group announced Wednesday plans to transform McKeldin Square into an outdoor ice skating rink during the winter months.

"That would be kind of cool, I think people would like that,” Emily Mader said.  “That would be something that I’d come check out. I think that would be probably really popular."

Jozeph Kaddissi added, "it's definitely great to hear that something new is going to be built in this area."

It's been almost a decade since the Inner Harbor has offered a place to ice skate.  The rink at Rash Field shut down because of outdated equipment back in 2002.

The Baltimore City Board of Estimates granted a five-year licensing agreement for a public, temporary skating venue to be built.  The Waterfront Partnership has a company to run the venue and is currently working to secure funding.  Organizers hope it means a lot more people will be heading to the waterfront and lacing up their skates.

"I'm sure people would come down here more if there were more to do,” said Neslusan.  “It's pretty cold so you need a reason to go outside."

"That's really exciting, this is going to be really awesome, I'll definitely be down here a lot more often," Shirriel said.

Details about when the skating rink could open and how much it will cost to get in are still being worked out.  The Waterfront Partnership says it's been working to bring ice skating back for the last year.  Officials even traveled to other major cities to make sure Baltimore does it right.

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