Workers protest 'horrific conditions' at Baltimore courthouses

BALTIMORE - Around a hundred Baltimore City Circuit Court employees protested what they called horrific conditions they endure daily, working at the Clarence Mitchell and Old Court House buildings.

 The protesters, including Clerk of the Circuit Court for Baltimore City Frank Conaway Sr., expressed their frustration over conditions of these buildings.

In conjunction with the AFSCME Local 3674 union that represents the Maryland State Court employees, the Clerk's Office offered a long list of the “intolerable conditions” at the courthouses, along with concerns that judges who sentence defendants must ride the elevators alongside of them without any protective measures put in place.

Protesters asked elected officials to budget money to upgrade court facilities much like were done recently for the State's Attorney Office, which was moved out of the dilapidated buildings and into the SunTrust building.

Among the list of problems in the buildings cited by the protesters were: asbestos, rodents, lead paint, dirty toilets and hallways, poor air quality soot and dust from air vents falling on to employee desks and no housekeeping staff. 

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