What are the odds? Mom and daughter both born on Leap Day

Unbelievable, mom and daughter born on Leap Day

For those who were actually born on leap day, celebrating one's birthday is a bit of a challenge. Imagine being a woman who celebrates a birthday on Leap Day  and is pregnant with a child due late in February of a Leap Year?

Janet Cunningham was born on Leap Day in 1960 so technically she's 13. Erin-Janet's daughter was also born on February 29th in the 1988 thus making her 24 and its going to be her sixth birthday.

Its more than different-- that's amazing. What are the odds that a mother and daughter were both born on Leap Day in 2 different leap years.

Besides that they were both born on a Monday and they were both born at Harbor Hospital. And in 1988 ABC 2 News was there for the blessed event.

24 years younger sharing more than the bond between a young mother and a newborn daughter. Starting out life together. What are the odds?

The odds are roughly 104.2 million. You have better odds of winning the lottery than you do both your mother and daughter being born on Leap Year and the Guinness World Book of Records for the most consecutive Leap Day birthdays in a family.

There's only one other family out there that if i was to have a child we would match with the overall record.

The chances of a mother and daughter being born on the same day. Well you have a better chance of hitting the lottery.

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