Walter Lomax cleared in 1968 Baltimore murder

BALTIMORE - Walter Lomax was convicted of a murder he did not commit back in 1968.

At the age of 20, Lomax started to serve his time. He was incarcerated for 39 years before a judge commuted his sentence and he was a free man in 2006.

But that wrongful murder conviction remained on his record, until Wednesday.

In a legal maneuver to erase his record, Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Charles Peters granted Lomax a new trial.

In turn, city State's Attorney Gregg Bernstein acknowledged his innocence and then dismissed the charges against Lomax. In short, the court recognized the absence of evidence against Lomax and a miscarriage of justice that lasted 46 years.

“With the court's decision today, I literally actually feel free after almost a half a century,” Lomax said.

Carolyn Lomax, Walter's sister added: “God had his arms around me and i knew god had his arms around him. I know he didn't do it.”

While this was a long time coming for the Lomax family, they also know it is a solemn one for the family of a murder victim who never did see justice for the 1968 killing.

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